Word #79 of 100 – Kindness.

Word #79. Kindness.

In an Acton community, kindness rules. Not because the adults say so. Because the children do.

They know this doesn’t mean we’re all best friends. It means we need each other; therefore, we must learn to be kind. Kindness paves the path to human learning and growth.

But we all make mistakes. So we learn to take responsibility and repair any hurts or discord we may have sown. Such relating to one another takes time to develop. With patience for each other, we learn to apologize with vulnerability, disagree with respect, give and receive feedback with courage.

We are learning to be kind. We are learning to be in relationship.

Kindness is a skill to be practiced early, a habit to be mastered over time and a strength to be regarded with admiration. Without it, a human community is doomed. With it, there is infinite hope for the future.