Word #80 of 100 – Greet

Word #80. Greet.

How do you greet your neighbor in the street? Your children when they walk in a room? Your spouse? A stranger in the grocery store?

I have distinct memories of my mom’s greeting every time I walked in a room. It was as if she hadn’t seen me in weeks. Her eyes lighting up at the sight of me gave me solidity and identity.

For this reason, each Acton owner stands at the curb to greet every child with sparkling eye contact, a joyous stating of their name and a friendly handshake or fist bump.

This greeting is not just a nicety. It is foundational to building a tightly-knit community where no one flies under the radar.

Your personal greetings each day are a signal of your hospitality which is more about easing someone else’s load than it is about having a pristine home or a put-together appearance.

Who will you greet today? Whose heart will you move?